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Vertical World Bulgaria Ltd. is a fast developing company which unites mountain guides, trainers and rock climbing instructors. Created in year 1998 in Bulgaria, dealing mainly with courses in rock climbing and alpinism, it was the first company of its kind. In year 2001 we launched also our portal for mountaineering and climbing which was the first website of its kind in the region. In the meantime except the courses we started offering the first alpine guide services in the country. Shortly after that we left the region of Eastern Europe and made numerous ascents with clients in the Alps, Caucasus, Carpathians, Himalayas and Andes. Until recently the majority of our clients were from the Balkan countries and Russia, while now our groups are much more international involving clients from the UK, France, the Nederland’s, Germany, USA and other. To meet the needs of our international clients we created Alpine Guides. Currently some of our guides are based in the Alps and other key locations which allows us to offer a variety of peaks and programs in Europe and worldwide.

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